This Day in History: 2023-01-09

Nr. 378


The 1962 World Cup finals were robbed of one of the world’s best players when Pelé injured himself playing against Czechoslovakia in a group game in Vina del Mar. Early on Garrincha had put Pelé through on goal, but as he attempted a shot he pulled a muscle in his groin. Surprisingly, the Czechs refused to exploit this advantage and refrained from forceful tackles on the lame Pelé. «[It is] one of those things I shall always remember with emotion and one of the finest things that happened in my entire football career,» said Pelé. EfTectively reduced to ten men, Brazil could only manage a goalless draw with Czechoslovakia.
Deprived of their star man after a muscle injury reduced him to a bystander Brazil were unable to break down the Czechs.