This Day in History: 2023-01-12

Nr. 381


After losing Pelé for the rest of the tournament, the Brazilian manager Aymore Moreira went to see Garrincha and said «Look, Pelé is not able to play. You have to play good enough for you and Pelé too.» Garrincha said, «Yeah, OK. Leave it to me.» The 28-year-old winger kept his word and would dominate this tournament with some extraordinary displays. He first inspired his team-mates to a group win over Spain by helping to set up both goals for Pelé’s replacement Amarildo in a 2-1 win, and then scored twice against England in a 3-1 quarter-final win.
In the semi-final against Chile Garrincha scored a 20-yard volley and a header to lay the foundation of a 4-2 win. Towards the end of the game he was sent off for responding to the rough treatment dealt out to him, but he escaped a ban for the final. In Santiago, Brazil overcame the Czechs 3-1 with goals from Annarildo, Zito and Vava. There was no goal for Garrincha, but Brazil’s success wouldn’t have been possible without him.
Having escaped suspension, Garrincha was in inspirational form during the World Cup final.