This Day in History: 2022-11-24

Nr. 351


It wasn’t just Pelé. At the end of the final the whole Brazilian squad were consumed with emotion at winning the World Cup for the first time and banishing the painful memory of losing the trophy in 1950. «You only believe in yourself once you’ve won,» said Nilton Santos, involved in his third World Cup. «I really thought, ‘This is a dream. I really am a world champion.»‘
The Swedish people had taken the Brazilians to their hearts, thrilled and inspired by the football they had witnessed. To thank the Swedes for their support the Brazilian players took a large Swedish flag, lifted it above their heads and ran around the pitch. The Swedish crowd got to their feet and applauded the Brazilians’ gesture.
Of Sweden 58 Pelé remembers «It was a very big cultural shock, as this was my first trip abroad … It was a wonderful experience».